Automatically create courses from ALL your PDFs, MS PowerPoints, videos...any content.

By selecting a Dropbox folder and with one-click turn ALL your content into Feathercap trackable courses.

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Designed to turn ALL your existing content into trackable learning content. Instantly. 

Automatically Create

Simply select a MS PowerPoint file, MS Word, PDF, Video or xAPI course (Articulate and Adobe) and Feathercap automatically turns them into beautiful and trackable Feathercap courses. Imagine re-using all that content that's already been created and instantly having it within Feathercap to share on any device.  

...Or pull from Dropbox.

Select a Dropbox folder and Feathercap will scan and automatically convert any pdf, ppt, video or xAPI/ Tin Can Articulate and Adobe Captivate content into trackable Feathercap courses.



One-button synch

At the push of a button, Feathercap will synchronize ALL of your content in the selected Dropbox folder to your Feathercap community. If any file has changed in Dropbox, Feathercap will update and apply those changes to the previously uploaded version in Feathercap.


Support for these coming soon

We'll be supporting all these collaborative tools in the near future. We would love it if you never had to manually convert your content to learning experiences again! 

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