Greg Sherwin

Advisor / VP of Engineering at Singularity University

I thrive at bringing disparate technologies and experts together to solve complex problems. I am an experienced senior technology and product leader in consumer-facing Internet applications and back-end platforms with a proven ability to successfully integrate business, product, and technology, to develop systems to meet revenue/customer targets, and to build and drive product development teams.

I am also an aspiring polymath who is energized by collaborating with deep experts of different fields to find uncommon solutions in integrative ways. I am particularly motivated of late by complexity science, systems thinking & nonlinear dynamics, and ecosystem-based problem solving approaches toward complex adaptive systems and “wicked” design problems. Especially as real-time data collection capabilities at scale have become possible among distributed networks of ethnographers. As an active member/practitioner of MIT’s u.lab/Theory U, I’m also an advocate of their future-focused, ecosystem-based approaches towards system leadership and co-creative innovation.

• Strategic technical, product, and business leader at a single family of large scale online media companies through 11 years of rapid growth and consolidation
• Results-oriented manager with a track record of success working in various challenging environments: from scientific research & development to Internet start-ups
• Experienced in the basic and applied sciences of neuroscience, bioengineering, high energy particle accelerator physics, and space & satellite communications — all stitched with the common thread of software engineering
• Unique ability to cultivate collaboration among engineering, product development, business development, product marketing, and sales in metrics-driven environments
• Driven by bringing out the best of individuals and giving them the room and environments to excel at what they do best
• Published author, columnist, speaker, and university instructor on e-business and marketing