Don Springer

Advisor / 3X Venture Funded Entrepreneur

I have been a founder and leader of three software startup companies, all successfully acquired, since becoming an entrepreneur in 1999. I enjoy bringing new technologies and solutions into marketplaces to substantially transform them.

I enjoy mentoring and advising new business ventures’ leadership teams to help develop compelling product strategies with go-to-market plans to quickly learn, iterate and achieve scale. I adhere to lean-startup principles with a heavy marketing emphasis on creating a buyer-centric market-facing approach. 

I want to continue to find, identify and develop valuable applications of new software technologies to benefit the enterprise and consumer. 

Specialties: Entrepreneur (3x), strategy, modern marketing, venture capital & angel fund-raising, business development, solution sales, product management, operations and consulting. 

Interests: Mountain Sports, Soccer, and participating in micro-philanthropy at