Rashmi Vittal

Advisor/ CMO at Conversica

Rashmi is an accomplished product executive with more than 20 years of pre-IPO and large corporate enterprise software experience, building and leading marketing teams that bring to market innovative, high-growth software solutions for CMO and CIO buying centers. She excels at developing revenue-generating GTM strategies aligned to product roadmaps that drive market awareness and pipeline growth. Rashmi understands the importance of strategic positioning paired with creative storytelling to educate and motivate change and has led many messaging initiatives in her career. She has instituted best practices to accelerate the sales cycle with mobile-ready, on-demand sales enablement, collateral and competitive intelligence. Rashmi is a highly organized, respected, and trustworthy professional who fosters cross-collaboration between product, sales, and marketing.

While I’ve most recently focused on the AdTech and marketing software industry, I’ve covered a wide range of software solutions throughout my career: Big Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics Applications, Predictive and Text Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Management.