Vasant Kumar

Advisor / Former Engineering Leader at Oracle

Vasant has held a variety of engineering leadership positions over the course of a 28 year career. This includes engineering management roles at Oracle and pioneering roles in setting up one of the first software outsourcing factories in India. Currently operating as an advisor and investor in several technology startups including Invicara, Realine, Vayu Technologies, Relatas to name a few.

Technology leader with a career that has a strong mix of product design, hands-on development, development management, product delivery and deployment.

* Strong senior engineering management experience and expertise.
* Leadership of multi-functional teams.
* Experience in building and growing top notch engineering teams.
* Several years of experience in offshore development including setup and direct management of teams.
* Outstanding track record in taking ideas from conception to delivery very rapidly.

Specialties: Software Engineering Management
Database, Application Servers and Java technologies
Content Management specialist